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Coffee and Conversation for Women

Coffee and Conversation is an insightful

and educational series held for all  women in our community. In alignment with our mission to aid our community in launching eradication of disparities amongst women, this series provides helpful information on topics uniquely affecting women. This is event is free and open to the public. Depending on the time of day held, this event maybe called Chat and Chew.



Heart Beat to the BEAT (HB2B)

Our signature event, HB2B is a dance workshop, competition,

and wellness outreach seeking to identify past attitudes and

behaviors regarding exercise and diet in mothers and their

daughters. Implementing our goal of encouraging young women to pursue broader health management, and piggybacking off the onset of popular tv programs such as BRING IT and SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, HB2B combines a cardio dance camp, instruction on how to implement the cardio into a daily routine,  and other heart healthy informationals. Each annual event will implement something new, like a dance competition, or breakout sessions on various topics, even social media games that include outreach questions for prizes.





5 Star Entrepreneur Series

This series aligns with our goal to emphasize the pursuit of entrepreneurship in young ladies. The 5 Star series is a quarterly event with guest speakers of traditional backgrounds that pursued non-traditional supplemental careers. Speakers include educators turned event planners, lawyers turned motivational speakers, nurses turned physical fitness experts, and more. We have many panelists willing to share knowledge, backgrounds, and resources to young women leaving high school, those already in college, and even those considering a second career. Each panelist also demonstrates a skill that will lead the participants in their individual pursuits.



Operation Worldy Girl (OWG)

OWG is a program that assists high

school females in receiving passports

and acquiring knowledge of travel opportunities, aviation, and studying abroad, while bringing that experience back to benefit their community. In line with our vision to spearhead a generation of young ladies more cognizant of the benefits of versatile travel, this event will provides guest speakers that will acclimate ladies to foreign opportunities, internships, aviation, summer and senior trips. 




Board On Board

Information and individual programs and recognition of our board members and their outstanding work in the community.


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